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The First German Riding School visiting China

Kathrin Schneider, Master of Equine Management specialized in Horse Riding and Training and Melanie Joh, owner of Reitschule Gut Moschenhof, Düsseldorf, Germany will be bringing a group of students to Meadowbrook on April 14 to 22, 2019. The students are between Level/RA5 to RA3. Meadowbrook students will be taking tests in German system from Level/RA 10 to RA8.




Horsemanship Movement Press Conference

Proud supporter of the Horsemanship Movement

“Horsemanship Movement”, a social responsibility program aims to build bridges between Equestrianism and Chinese society by promoting equestrian sport to a value led family activity accessible to all.

Meadowbrook hosted a group of Grade four students from Shen Xiang Primary School. In the two and half hour program, students were introduced to horses and equestrian sport, to embrace the importance of partnership, compassion, responsibilities and respect.

The “Horsemanship Movement” won the 2018 FEI Solidarity Award. Read the Jan 9, 2019 press conference….