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Equine AccreditationWhy choose our riding center
Why choose our riding center


Why choose Meadowbrook
Caring - Loving - Heartwarming - Learning - Fresh air - Unwind - Peaceful


horse_student_connecting equine intern student from germany  

Dressing up my gentle horse
"Wei-Wei for Christmas party

It is difficult to say goodbye
to my four legged friend

I will visit Meadowbrook again
in the early future

This summer was a journey, a discovery and an adventure

Why ride with us

"Thank you Ed, Spencer and the whole Meadowbrook team for the good spirit and teaching you provided for Emilia during our stay in Shanghai" -- Johanna, parent

"Meadowbrook is a caring, loving place for horses. I started in Meadowbrook at age 7 and from that day onwards, I fell in love with ponies and horses. On my first day, I rode this smart, clean pony named Joe-Joe. He licked me in the face after I finished riding and I kissed his shiny muzzle. Year after year I wished I could buy a horse, my dream came true. Today I own a horse in Meadowbrook, a really sweet, calm, gentle horse named Wei-Wei. Every time I arrive, Wei-Wei will NAHHH to me. Every time I stroke his neck, he will fall sleep.

Meadowbrook has an outstanding stable, with 6+ paddocks and 3 big pastures for grazing. Everyday, all Meadowbrook horses get to go outside in the beautiful fresh air to have a nice stroll. Everyday, they get exercise and grooming. All the horses are well fed and stables are mucked out 3+ times daily. All the horses are examined each day and if they have some sign of illness or problem with their hooves. The stable has a vet on call 24/7. Overall, this stable is a very very very good place to keep a horse. My horse at Meadowbrook is having a fabulous time with his mates and human friends. Bring your horse to Meadowbrook and they will have a Peaceful and Happy life."
-- Leon Lai, member since opening

"Going to Meadowbrook is highlight of my week, as it is a great place to get back in touch with nature that is fast disppearing from Shanghai and the perfect way to wind down after a long week of hectic school."
--Abi Watt, members since opening

"In the past two summer I've worked in Meadowbrook full time and the work is not easy. Aside from getting up at 6 every morning and getting home at 7 or later every night, not to mention the physical demands of stable work. And yet despite all that I keep returning every summer and put myself through all that over and over again. So what makes me do it?

There is something in Meadowbrook that just make one feels so at home; Meadowbrook transcends nationality, age gaps, gender gaps, staff and student gaps, it's unbelievable and wholly heartwarming. At the end of each summer it's difficult to say goodbye to all my co-workers (four legged and two alike), and all the students who come to learn and like me, bask in a warm, caring environment"
-- Katherine Yang, student and summer staff

"I can strongly recommend Meadowbrook to anyone who likes horses and riding. The staff there is super friendly and speaks excellent English, the horses are nice and treated well, and the instructors are highly qualified. Going there is easily one of the highlights of my week." -- Marie, long term member

Why work and volunteer with us

“This summer was a journey, a discovery, an adventure all rolled into one. I learned more about horses, about people, about myself in three months than I expected.

After having spent seven years at Meadowbrook, it’s interesting for me to think that sometimes, the places you know best can teach you the most if only you take the time to learn, but that is exactly what Meadowbrook, its staff, its horses, and volunteers gave me this summer, and I am so grateful to have shared that learning experience with so many who understood what it was like ....

I had never really gotten along with Beli. All summer, she had trotted around the arena with her back hollow, refusing to stretch. With 2 weeks to go before my fight back to Chicago, Beli gave me something that meant more than anything else I had that summer. She stretched, again and again. I will never forget that magical moment when she broke that glass ceiling, that moment that came when I had least expected it and made me realize that all it ever had been was one big puzzle.

It had nothing to do with how good I was, or how bad she might have been, or how anything either of us ever was. All Beli had needed from me was some time, some patience, some perseverance, and a little faith that it would all come together somehow, somewhere.”
Abigail Watt, Intern, studying in United States

"Meadowbrook is not only a nice and modern riding complex, but it has great owners and an amiable staff. I'm very glad that I got the opportunity to experience this and hope I will visit them again in the early future."
-- Tin van der Hecken, intern student from Germany

“When I arrived at the stable the first time, I had no idea what to expect. I was quite nervous but also happy to meet the people and horses in Meadowbrook.

After working some days with the people and horses, I realized very quickly what a great environment I work in. I have rarely met people who care so much for the good of horses like this. There each horse was treated immediately if it was sick and got the special needed treatment. Even the saddles and bridles are treated with utmost care.

It was a very great honor for me, riding the young stars in Meadowbrook. I enjoyed the confidence of all, and was always grateful for tips. It is hard to find such a stable like this (in the world!) Which operated with so much love and knowledge. Here kids and adults can learn how real riding and working with horses are like and learn to respect them.

I would like to say thanks to
the Meadowbrook Family for this unique experience. I was able to learn a lot from you. I will never forget U! Thank you! --
Carina Stuplich, Volunteer, Germany

"I was there in the beginning. Meadowbrook's goal is to let everyone enjoy nature, horses and other animals. And that's what they do.

Already from the first year you saw people, both adult and child, enjoy the excitement of being with, learning about and riding horses. Especially children developed both horse riding and social skills on horse riding camps, equitation days and much more.

They also take very good care of their horses compared to other stables in Shanghai that I saw. You can just tell by looking at the horses that they are very content there.

I still have many fond memories of the horses. staff and customers. I'll never forget you guys!!! -- Femke Corr, interm, Holland


Contact us at booking@meadowbrookshanghai.com or (86.21) 6983.0022 or 6983.0055